TASTARRÓS Rice Festival in Valencia, April 2022

Promoting European rice for environmental sustainability Within the framework of the EU RICE European Program “Information provision and promotion measures on the sustainable aspect of rice production in Greece and Spain-EURICE” and the slogan “Enjoy it’s from Europe”, the Consejo Regulador de la DOP Arroz de Valencia, partner of the Agricultural Partnership of Thessaloniki (EASTH), organized the TASTARRÓS Rice Festival in Valencia, Spain on 2-3/4/2022,
In the main square of Valencia’s City Hall, the Placa de l’Ajuntament, a unique setting was set-up, where all the information on the sustainability of rice cultivation in Spain and Greece were presented, along with the typical dishes of the two countries, paella and stuffed peppers. Traditional wooden boats for fishing, from the region of Albufera, where rice is grown in Valencia, complemented the unique setting, while right next to it, the visitors enjoyed a live presentation of paella dishes by famous Spanish chefs.

In an adjacent area, special stands were set up for the restaurants which participated in the event, with chefs cooking their own version of the traditional Spanish dish, paella, and guests having the opportunity to taste them. The attendance was really huge, as rice and paella are important parts of the Valencian culture.
For the younger visitors, a spread out of raw rice on an area of several square meters was the point of attraction for children, who indulged in endless play on it.
On the second day of the event, there was a paella competition between local restaurants chefs’. In addition, the Spanish Chef – Food Ambassador of the campaign, awarded with 3 Michelin stars, Quique Dacosta honored the event with his presence!

Greek partner of the campaign, EASTH, was represented by the President Mr. Christos Tsichitas and the General Manager Mr. Costas Giannopoulos. The members of the Greek delegation that attended the festival also visited places of rice production and processing, together with the well-known taste journalists Vassilis Dimaras and Lia Boudioukou from Chef Stories. The Honorary Consul of Greece, Mr. Theofilos Margellos, also visited the festival in Valencia and had the opportunity to meet the Greek delegation’s members, but also to be informed about the important EU RICE program.

The campaign is implemented by NOVACERT LTD.