Seminar in Thessaloniki, March 30th

In the framework of the European program entitled “Actions to Inform and Promote sustainable rice production in Greece and Spain” training seminars were organized on March 30 in Thessaloniki for the potential next generation of cooks and confectioners at IEK Thessaloniki of the Ministry of Tourism in Perea in Peraia.

At the IEK Thessaloniki of the Ministry of Tourism, chefs Sakis Anastasiadis, Stavroula Keisidou, Antonis Mastoras, Vassilis Mourtiadis presented the secrets for the creation of three classic Greek dishes, for the Easter table, which require mastery: Cook with rice and glazed rice. The menu was completed with the preparation of a Greek Rice Pudding with glazed rice, spices and strawberry by the confectionery teachers Nikos Alexiadis, Paschalis Zervidis, Nikos Pozoukidis.

The students were informed about the rice produced in Europe, a product of high nutritional value, rich in nutrients and safe since it is cultivated in compliance with the strict European Regulations for agricultural production. The cooperation with the administration of the school, the equipment, the facilities, the willingness and the interest of the students are of a particularly high level.

The event was organized by the company NOVACERT, which has undertaken the execution of the program, and the company Chef Stories, which organizes promotional and information events in Greece.