PDO Arroz de Valencia Rice

PDO Arroz de Valencia Rice is the result of the initiative by a group of producers and processors who wished to add value to the rice produced in the greater vicinity of Valencia. Valencia was one of the first areas in Europe to engage in rice production. There is evidence for the cultivation of rice ever since the Arab conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century. For more than 1,200 years, the cultivation of rice has contributed to the shaping of a unique ecosystem, having developed a special landscape in the region of Valencia, where many animals and birds find refuge.

The cultivation areas include the Natural Park of Albufera, which is located in the region of Valencia, the wetland of Almenara and the Natural Park of Pego-Oliva, which also belong to the European Network of Protected Sites, Natura 2000, and are additionally protected by the Ramsar Convention. Various species of birds have been recorded in these regions, many of which are protected. These are superior locations, which have been shaped thanks to the cultivation of rice for more than one thousand years. The varieties grown and included in the PDO Arroz de Valencia rice are Senia, Bomba and Albufera, which are medium grain and belong to the Japonica variety.

PDO Arroz de Valencia rice can absorb flavour and is affected by the broth it is cooked in, rendering it ideal for recipes where rice is cooked in different kinds of broth. A distinguishing characteristic is its special, creamy texture, with a crispy aftertaste at the heart of every grain, which retain their structure without getting mushy. The most popular dish prepared with PDO Arroz de Valencia rice in Spanish cuisine is the world-famous Paella.