Highlights: Training Seminar, IEK PRAXIS, November 2022

In the framework of the European program entitled “Information Actions
and Promotion of sustainable rice production in Greece and Spain”
an educational seminar was organized in Athens for the dynamic audience of the following
generation of cooks and confectioners at I.I.E.K. Praxis.

The program with the distinctive title EU RICE, is implemented by the Agricultural Partnership of Thessaloniki (ΕΑΣΥ) and the Consejo Regulador de la DOP Arroz de Valencia (Regulatory Authority of PDO Valencia rice). The event presented to the students the contribution of rice cultivation to the conservation of wetlands, the utilization of abundant water resources, the maintenance of the viability of soils and in general to the ecological balance, but also to the socio-economic development of its cultivation and production areas. The students were also informed about the rice produced in Europe, a product of high nutritional value, rich in nutrients and safe, since it is grown in compliance with the strict European Regulations for agricultural production.

In I.I.E.K. Praxis, the professor-chef of the Leonidas Frantzolas school, together with his students, prepared some apparently easy, but particularly demanding recipes of Greek cuisine, using meso-sperm Greek rice, including stuffed ones, which aim to be established as the national Greek dish with rice. The recipes executed were:

Chicken soup with egg and lemon
Stuffing for turkey

The result excited all those present, while during the process, the dynamics of the differentiation and evolution of traditional recipes were discussed and presented, but also the special value, the excellent taste and behavior of the Greek European meso-sperm rice in cooking.

The reception in general of the schools’ managements, the cooperation, the interest of the professors and above all the participation of the students is great, indicative of the high level of studies of the schools, while confirming the value of the information provided by the EURICE program to specialized and targeted audiences.

The executive body of the EURICE program is the NOVACERT company, while the
Promotion and information events in Greece are organized by Chef Stories.