EU Rice Seminar on December 1st, in Thessaloniki

On Wednesday, December 1, in Thessaloniki, a culinary seminar was presented for the presentation of special recipes with mid-grain Greek rice within the European program entitled “Actions to Inform and Promote sustainable rice production in Greece and Spain”. The program with the distinctive title EU RICE, is implemented by the Agricultural Corporate Partnership of Thessaloniki (EASTH) and the Consejo Regulador de la DOP Arroz de Valencia (PDO Valencia Rice Regulatory Authority). The event presented the contribution of rice cultivation in the conservation of wetlands, the utilization of abundant water resources, the preservation of soil sustainability and in general in the ecological balance, but also in the socio-economic development of its cultivation and production areas.

The excellent gastronomy chef Sofia Georgakaki and her team, presented in the specially designed and modernly equipped space of the school IEK Delta 360o in the city center to the most important public, the students of culinary and confectionery art three unique dishes. Students had the opportunity to experience practically and tastefully the Greek mesosperm rice, it fits harmoniously and often takes off a variety of dishes and cooking techniques, trying traditional dolma with glazed rice, Jambalaya, a dish from Louisiana and a lot of curry rice different rice pudding, with tahini and raisin tulle with glazed rice.

The event was organized by the company NOVACERT, which has undertaken the execution of the program, and the company Chef Stories, which organizes promotional and information events in Greece