EU RICE FESTIVAL at the 87th TIF 2023

We choose European rice for a sustainable environment

This year’s third consecutive annual EU RICE FESTIVAL, organized on September 16 and 17, at the premises of the 87th TIF, was a full two days. The series of events “Information and Promotion Activities aimed at highlighting the sustainable aspect of rice production in Greece and Spain”, within the framework of the EU RICE European Program, are organized by the Agricultural Partnership of Thessaloniki (ΕΑΣΥ) and the Consejo Regulador de la DOP Arroz de Valencia (PDO Valencia Rice Regulatory Authority) and with the slogan “We choose European rice for a sustainable environment”.

Chefs from well-known restaurants and schools in Thessaloniki, women, representatives of Cultural Associations of Chalastra, who, in addition to the local dishes they cooked, danced in traditional costumes and sang and of course a large number of people, who had the opportunity to get to know the quality, Greek European rice , but also to try unique and original dishes with this great product, they honored us with their presence.

Also important was the extensive briefing by the representatives of EATH, but also of the agricultural cooperatives, about the dynamics, the sustainable aspect of rice cultivation in the region, the safety of the agricultural commodity, which is cultivated in Greece and Europe, but also its strategy program to promote the product to consumers and professionals and to establish the stuffed rice as the Greek national dish with rice.

The presence of the Chef Ambassador of the program in Greece, Dinas Nicolaou, and the distinguished Spanish Chef, Ruben Fenollar, who cooked the authentic paella of Valencia, in this two-day event rich in flavors, was also special.