Masterclass, at the restaurant Miami Thessaloniki, November 2021

We choose European rice for a sustainable environment.

A special Masterclass on the subject of European Greek rice took place on Monday, November 22, 2021, at the Miami restaurant, in Thessaloniki. The Masterclass was conducted in the framework of the European program entitled “Actions to Inform and Promote sustainable rice production in Greece and Spain” with the distinctive title EU RICE, which is implemented by the Agricultural Partnership of Thessaloniki (EASTH) and the Regulatory Authority of Rice ΠΟΠ Βαλένθια (Consejo Regulador de la DOP Arroz de Valencia).

The event presented the contribution of rice cultivation in the conservation of wetlands, the utilization of abundant water resources, the preservation of soil sustainability and in general in the ecological balance, but also in the socio-economic development of its cultivation and production areas.